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Ermak Altimeri Nefertiti goes by Katerina and is a gorgeous blue ticked tabby and a big girl as well. We are absolutely thrill to have her her with us as a mama in our cattery. She came all the way from the Ermak cattery in Russia and is an amazingly sweet and loving girl. Thank you so much Mayya for entrusting us with this sweetheart!


Taisiya Tailed Pride is such a lovely girl. We are so excited to be adding white to our breeding program. She came all the way from Russia to be part of our family and we are so thankful to Elena for trusting us with her. 


Basia Ledy De Zita goes by Sonya and came from Russia to be part of our breeding program. She is a stunning black smoke girl and her kittens have been amazing. We feel so blessed to have her here with us. 


Egoza Iz Polosatoy Bandy goes by Egoza and is an absolute charmer! Such an amazing, sweet personality. She is a black classic tabby and is a big girl! She came from the Polosatoy Bandy cattery in Russia and we are so excited to have her here. Thank you so much Olga for letting us add this lovely girl to our cattery!


MontanaWildMC SprinkleofPixieDust goes by Pixie and was bred here at Montana Wild Maine Coons. She is such a sweet, loving girl and we love her so much! She is a solid blue.

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